Suicide Girls – A misleading title

A big deal with  many metal and emo fans is the website ‘Suicide Girls’. Suicide Girls is also a sort of general umbrella term for women who have a gothy aesthetic, typically involving tattoos, piercings and red hair dye. The first thing I want to remark on is the title. It’s pretty morbid, isn’t it? It would probably lead you to believe the website featured women killing themselves in some sort of erotic snuff film.

My friend told me a story once where he went up to a tattooed woman in a bar and asked her if she was a suicide girl, she flipped out and assumed he was asking her if she was liable to slit her wrists. Which is a logical assumption. Suicide is viewed by most people as a negative thing that involves sadness and death.


Sexy as hell, eh?

Sexy as hell, eh?

So how are you selling porn with suicide in the title? I’m not looking at this as a moral outrage of some sort like ‘How dare you mention suicide?!’. It’s more like ‘do people find this stuff sexy?’ What’s the implication? Here’s some gothy looking chicks. These chicks have tattoos and piercings and they’re into gothy stuff like Type O Negative and killing themselves. Just like you!

First of all I think it’s a bit of stereotype of goth culture and emo culture. I’m not saying these cultures are in some way deep or stimulating, but it is a bit of an ugly stereotype.
Second of all, who is this stuff targeted at? Are there people who are so into gothy shit that they won’t even jerk off to porn if the porn is somehow related to gothy shit? That seems a bit demanding if you think about it. I mean come on, you can knock off the shtick for a while, can’t you?

I’m probably reading into it too much; the reality is that it’s just a little bit of goth-themed porn and they picked a bit of an extreme title for it. I just think maybe they could have come up with something a bit more sexy than wrist-slitting.